Aesthetic Restorations

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Composites are plastics that contain a very high proportion of ceramic (nano-fillers) and are shaped in a plastic mould. This high-quality material is manufactured using nanotechnology methods, which ensures the permanent brilliance of the material and the enamel-like natural wear. Since it is perfectly adapted to the colour to the surrounding teeth, the filling cannot be distinguished from natural teeth (chameleon effect). The filling material is inserted into the cavity layer by layer, like applying a paste, and is gradually hardened with light (halogen or LED light). The full-surface adhesion (bonding) ensured by special adhesion promoters at the tooth wall gives additional increased stability to the tooth.

In the final result, the tooth appears to be completely natural.

Ceramic Inlays

Perfect aesthetic qualities – translucent

Ceramic inlays and onlays are the most sophisticated alternatives in dental and technical treatment. From an aesthetic point of view, ceramic solutions are the superior option for lateral tooth care.

Natural qualities – strong and durable

For full-ceramic solutions we usually apply – working together with our experienced partners – the principle of biomimetics.

In this case, the natural tooth is not only “copied” visually, but also functionally, biologically and mechanically.

When inserting the ceramic inlays or onlays, an advanced and careful bonding technique is used to restore the tooth’s biomechanical properties.

Composite resin is the white filling material that we apply over existing teeth to restore their function and appearance. The composite filling material is available in several tooth shades that match the desired natural tooth colours. For restoring a tooth, we can apply 1 or more shades of the composite resin material to mimic the natural teeth appearance; for example, we may use 1 shade for restoring the middle part of the tooth and another shade for restoring the side surface of the same tooth. Composite resin is also used for masking discoloured teeth, for closing minor spaces between teeth and for repairing fractures in one appointment. The great advantage of composite resin is its capability to give quick results with reasonable cost. In addition, cosmetic resin fillings can be applied without anaesthesia and with minimal invasiveness. You can achieve the desired aesthetic effect and keep it for several years provided that you visit the dental clinic on a biannual basis for follow up.

Composite resin is not recommended for patients with excessive teeth wear, heavy smokers or coffee drinkers. In a few cases, patients with teeth clenching might be advised to wear a nightguard to protect the teeth and the restoration.

Precision and Passion-1