We fix teeth beautifully.

We believe that a beautiful smile is a necessity, not a luxury. We dedicate our time and expertise to restoring your teeth beautifully.

Do the fillings look natural? Our fillings are carefully designed to blend in with the surrounding teeth. Shade, shape, texture and size are all taken into consideration. The end result is a beautifully restored tooth, with a completely natural appearance. No-one, not even you, will be able to tell your tooth has been treated.

What does biomimetic mean? Biomimetic means: “to resemble nature.” Teeth are perfectly engineered to do their job and biomimetic dentistry emulates nature as closely as possible. This means teeth are restored with materials that mimic natural teeth and work in harmony with the tooth, so that the tooth is restored in terms of beauty and function.

Why restore your damaged teeth? Imagine your life with the ability to fully enjoy the beautiful things in life, like a night out to dinner or a good conversation. We dedicate ourselves to making sure you do not have to worry about your smile when you express yourself freely.

You have questions? We have answers.


STAGE 1: Small lesions that are detected in time can be repaired using a special non-invasive technique. We specialise in this so-called infiltration technique to stop the dental decay. This way we can avoid drilling and other procedures you are not particularly keen on.

STAGES 2/3/4: Composite resin is a tooth co-loured material that bonds perfectly with your tooth. It’s a conservative way of repairing teeth as tooth preparation is minimal, preserving healthy tooth structure. Different shades of composite are used construct your filling, making the filling nearly impossible to spot. To ensure fillings match the surrounding teeth, composite layering techniques are used. Restoring tooth is like creating an artwork, by adding depth, colour and physical structure just like your natural tooth. We specialise in biomimetic dentistry to ensure the best quality possible.

STAGE 5: When composite restorations are so big that the tooth structure and strength is compromised, the preferred treatment consists of ceramic in-/onlays. By bonding these restorations to your residual tooth structure, we restore strength and beauty of your natural tooth.

The very first aim of dentistry is always to bring damaged teeth back to the natural and healthy state. Dr Violeta Bartalis Ép. Claus and her teamwork are concerned about restoring the appearance and function of teeth not only by fillings but also with protective aids, such as topical fluoride application. We are also experienced with all modern and state-of-the-art techniques for dental restoratives; from white onlays, inlays, white fillings and root canal treatment to crowns, bridges or dentures for damaged or missing teeth. We are confident that we have the right service for you to make you enjoy naturally looking and fully functional teeth without pain.