our technology

We use Wireless Intraoral Scanner which is a comfortable and convenient digital dental impression device and technique. This wireless device allows our staff to get digital 3D scans of your teeth rather than the traditional impression material. It is a significantly patient-friendly device that enables us to get a detailed replica of your teeth and to properly visualise and manage your dental work with the highest precision and time-saving. This technology is more useful for patients who require veneers, restoratives, tooth replacement, Invisalign and other dental procedures. We combine the digital scans with the photos taken during the DSD photography session for advanced colour matching with the individual patient’s skin tone and face type.

In addition to intraoral scanner, we use dental microscope which is a very useful tool for visualising the teeth and oral tissues. The dental microscope has allowed us to confidently treat our patients who need root canal treatment or other detailed dental treatments.