Dental Hygiene / Prophylaxis


Maintaining oral hygiene is essential for improving your overall well-being. We see that the most important investment in dentistry is promoting good oral hygiene habits. Healthy gum and teeth will make you feel, eat, communicate and live properly and confidently.

Appropriate oral hygiene routine is crucial for preventing dental cavities and gum problems. Family's genetics play a role in developing cavities and gum problems; however, regular tooth brushing and flossing as well as rinsing with mouthwash can effectively counteract this genetic role.

Flossing with waxed nylon filaments aids in removing the plaque from the narrow areas between and around the teeth; thus preventing gum inflammation and bleeding. Gently brushing your teeth and gums with a soft toothbrush also helps in removing sticky bacteria and avoiding decay. Antibacterial mouthwash kills most of the bad-breath germs and thus reduces gum problems and eliminates plaque buildup.

Our team would love to help you with giving personalized instructions on oral-hygiene measures. Oral health carries a lot of individual variations and you very likely need to take care of your oral health in a different way from others. Only the dentist will do a proper assessment and give you appropriate instructions not only for brushing, flossing and rinsing but also for diet and daily habits.

For the sake of optimal oral health, you need to schedule regular dental visits for examining your teeth, cleaning your gums and removing plaque and tartar deposits. These are the first steps forward towards keeping a healthy and happy smile.