First Dental Visit

First Examination

During the first examination, our focus is on your very individual “dental wishes” and how to realise these wishes. We spend a lot of time during that first step for collecting and sorting your data (X-rays, photos, and eventually intraoral scans). A perfect first assessment is an essential step towards a beautiful smile with healthy teeth and healthy gums. The condition of your teeth, mouth and jaws is examined by a professional, skilful teamwork and with the most advanced dental technology. 

The initial findings provide you and us an exact overview of:

  • Your desires, expectations and ideas concerning the results of the treatment
  • The pre-treatment: Important aspects here are the timing, duration, extent and success of the measures taken
  • Any health problems, as far as they concern the subsequent treatment
  • The first impression of your dental and gum status
  • The functional condition of your jaw joint and muscles and bite/occlusion

It is only then that we sit down with you and consider what further treatment and therapeutic measures are relevant, feasible options for you. After having looked at your X-rays and intraoral photographs, we will discuss what treatment (if any) is needed to ensure we offer you the best possible long-term dental care. We will be happy to deal with any questions or concerns you may have. When a mutual agreement is achieved, we will print out your personalised treatment plan and arrange for appropriate appointments.

If you wish to book a dental cleaning session together with your first assessment visit, this will need additional 60 minutes. We can offer you to start directly the oral hygiene program which includes one or two sessions (duration 60 minutes each), depending on your personal risk of gum disease.