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Dental Technology

TRIOS is our comfortable and convenient digital dental impression device and technique. TRIOS is the dental and oral scanner that allows our staff to get digital 3D scans of your teeth rather than the traditional viscous impression material. TRIOS is a significantly patient-friendly device, that enables us to get a detailed replica of your teeth and to properly visualize and manage your dental work with the highest precision and time-saving. TRIOS is useful for patients who require veneers, restoratives, tooth replacement, invisible braces and other dental procedures. The digital scans make us capable of doing proper treatment planning and applying several smile designs and sharing them with our patients before proceeding with the treatment. Additionally, they give us complete control of the dimensions and contours of teeth as well as the overall appearance of the smile. The traditional methods were reportedly uncomfortable, time-consuming and quite inaccurate; while TRIOS takes few minutes to capture the form of the teeth and the gum and converting them into 3D scans.

TRIOS makes confocal scanning through capturing 100,000 laser points at a time and in perfect focus. The virtual scans and computer images are then viewed on a screen so you and our staff can discuss the treatment options. You can thus view the before and after images of the treatment options. We combine the digital scans with the photos taken during the DSD photography session for advanced colour-matching with the individual patient’s skin tone and face type. The all-digital, in-house dental design and manufacturing help us to serve you with a unique, customized and expedited dental work in order not to fall short of your expectations.

Our team then starts the creation of the required dental restorations and/or the transmission of the file wirelessly to the dental lab for more processing if needed. We collaborate with the world’s best dental technicians and labs to accurately design smiles in pleasant form, function, shape, colour and contours as of the natural teeth with the latest technology.

preventive dental cleaning