Cookie Policy

 Cookies are small text files that are stored in a computer’s web browser memory to help the website providers to understand how their clients use the website. They also the Users to save the login details and store website preferences. In this page, we would like to explain how we use cookies to ensure that our services work properly while preventing fraud and analysing and improving the services according to our Privacy Policy. Any capitalized term used and not otherwise defined below has the meaning assigned to it in the Privacy Policy.

1. How We Use Cookies?

Cookies are important in helping us to provide private, effective and safe services. We use cookies on our website and change them periodically as we modify our Services. Cookies are used for the following purposes:

a. To Operate Our Services. Some cookies are essentially required  to operate our website and services. Theses operational cookies in several different ways, including:

  • Authentication. The authentication cookies help to save Your login state throughout the time You are navigating the website. For example, if You log into New Patient page, we use a cookie so that You do not need to login again to Free Online Consultation or any other page throughout the website.
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection. Cookies that we deploy through our website help us learn about computers and web browsers used to access our services. This information allows us monitoring, detecting and preventing potentially harmful or illegal use of our website or services.
  • Site Features and Services. Cookies help us to know and save your preferences while using our services. In this way, you do not have to reconfigure your settings each time you log into your account. Your preferences include using the “Remember Me” feature to save your details for faster operations. 

b. To Analyze and Improve Our Services. Cookies help us to make our website and services working better for you. Cookies indicate how the Users reach our website and give us insights about how we can improve our website and services.

c. For Better Visibility. Cookies help us in some way to be more effectively visible. Cookie help preventing the Users from seeing the same page many times and help to measure how many times a web page is viewed or clicked on.

2. Third-Party Cookies.

a. Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics that uses cookies and similar technologies, in order for collecting and analysing information regarding how the Users enjoy our services. It also helps in reporting on the Users' activities and trends through apps and online resources. Learn more about Google’s practices on Google website

b. Flash Cookies. We use Adobe Flash to collect and store information about how the Users enjoy our services. Flash cookies are easily controllable and adjustable through adjusting the User's settings.

3. How To Manage Cookies

Each web browser should allow the Users to change, delete or disable their cookies' preferences. More information about cookies should be included in the Help section of each web browser. We hereby list few links the will help you to understand the cookies' options. Please note that in case you choose to disable cookies, some features of the website or services may not operate as intended.

We commonly use the cookies described below that we commonly use are listed below. This list is not exhaustive, but describes the main reasons we typically set cookies.

Our cookies

accounts Lists User accounts Persistent
livemode Determines dashboard User mode Session
stripe.csrf Prevents cross site request forgery Session
session Provides a unique session identifier for dashboard Users Persistent
machine_identifier Provides a unique session identifier for authentication Persistent
viewedApplePay Retains ApplePay settings Persistent
country Sets a country code as determined by IP address Persistent
lang Sets a language code Persistent
last-used-checkout-name Customizes content for Checkout Users Session
cid Sets a value to track User metrics Persistent
checkout-test-session, checkout-dashboard-session Associates a device with a "Remember Me" Checkout account Persistent

Third party cookies

Google Used for analytics and service improvement