Privacy Policy

1. Overview

By registering to this website, you should had disclosed your name, email address and other personal data. These data are managed as confidential data and are not disclosed to any other third party. You may be a visitor of our website, a user of our services (such as Free Online Consultation) or a client (i.e., a patient in the Cabinet Dentaire Dr. Violeta Bartalis Ép. Claus). If you are already a client, we should had collected your personal data directly from you and given the permission to contact you by telephone or email.

If you are willing to become a client or user, we need you to read, fill in and sign the online Welcome Letter. Your agreement with the privacy policy should indicate that you fully understand the process of sharing personal data in our website, and if you have questions about this sharing, please write us an email.

Our website use cookies and other technologies to function effectively; and the cookies typically record information the usage of our websites. These information include the browsing data such as the IP address, browsing device/model, operating system name/version, web browser, screen resolution, language, plug-ins and add-ons. With regards to navigating through our website, cookies help us to collect data about your preferences including which language section of our website you are visiting, the time spent on our websites, the pages you visited and the links you clicked as well as the pages that referred you to our website.

2. Personal Data

Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual. When you register to our website, you need to choose a username, email address and account login credentials. When you fill our online Welcome Letter, we collect your full name, insurance number and amore information about your medical and dental history. We may call you by phone to collect additional information, to verify your identity or to modify some unclear data.

3. Usage of Personal Data

If you visit our website as willing to be a client, we collect your personal data that you submit to us via the online Welcome Letter, and then we contact you by email or phone to get more information about, for example,  your treatment and appointments' preferences. Personal data collection is essential to ensure that our website and services are safe, secure and compliant. It is also critical in the context of fraud monitoring and detection as well as prevention of harmful activities. 

We may contact you by email to know how convenient our appointment booking service was or to understand how we can improve our services. We may also contact you to let you know about any changes in our office working hours, treatment programs or promotions.

Our usage of personal data is compliant with the applicable law, regulatory requirements and other legal obligations. In line with the consent requirements imposed by applicable law, we may use these data to follow-up with you regarding your personalised treatment plan, cost estimates and appointment reminders. We may also use these data for announcing about our healthcare campaigns. 

We work along with a number of EU entities that help in identity verification, website/email hosting, information technology and related infrastructure. These entities report to us how we can optimise customer service, communications and auditing services. These entities (service providers) may need to access Personal Data to perform these analyses, and we need to authorise them to use the available data only as necessary and in compliance with legal requirements. In the meantime, these service providers commit to protecting the security and confidentiality of any personal data they process on our behalf.  The use of personal data by an authorised third party is still subject to the third party’s privacy policy . We must share personal data with third parties (e.g., law-firm agencies, regulatory agencies and/or other public and government authorities) when certain issues related to rights, privacy or safety arise.

4. User's Rights.

Each user has choices regarding the use and disclosure of  personal data. You may opt-out from receiving emails, in case you are leaving the country for example, and we will try to comply with that request as soon as possible. You can also review and update your personal data at any time by signing in to your account or by contacting us.

You have the rights to request confirmation the we received your personal data and to request a copy of these data. You have the right to request updating your personal data in case they were inaccurate, incomplete or outdated. You have the right to request erasing your personal data in circumstances provided by law. You have the right to request restricting the use of your personal data or to export these data with another service provider when technically possible.
We take each of these requests seriously and comply with them to the extent required by applicable law and as long as we still hold your personal data. If you have not received a satisfactory response from us regarding storage or updating your personal data, you can consult a data-protection authority in your country. We should verify your identity (email address, etc.) before responding to your request.

5. Privacy Policy and Notifications.

We may need to change this privacy policy periodically to reflect our new services or to explain any changes in our personal-data practices or data-protection laws. We always indicate the last update of the privacy policy which is the date on which this section was last revised and the changes are effective. In case of any update or change in our privacy policy, we may provide alerts regarding these changes by posting them on the website or by contacting the users through emails or postal addresses.

6. Contact Us

If you have any questions or complaints about this privacy policy, please contact us by email or phone.