Teeth Whitening


Bleaching – natural, gentle teeth whitening

Beautiful bright, white teeth are appealing; not only do they make you more attractive, but they can often make you look younger as well – and therefore, people desire them and like to show them. According to recent studies, the appearance of one’s teeth is very important to more than 85 percent of all people (Emnid Survey, 2003).

It has been proven that bleaching, i.e. teeth whitening, is an effective measure that also improves the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. We would be glad to talk with you and determine together whether only a single tooth or the whole dental arch should be bleached. We will also ascertain the brightness level of your teeth.

In-office bleaching – professional bleaching in the dental practice

After your teeth have been professionally and thoroughly cleaned, we apply a highly effective whitening gel to the teeth. This gel is activated with a special ultraviolet light, which accelerates the whitening (UV ZOOM2). The whitening process lasts about 10 to 15 minutes and is repeated two or three times per session. Usually, you can leave our practice after about two hours – and with a radiant smile on your face.

In most cases, the results of the whitening remain stable and last for a few years.


You can enjoy instant teeth whitening at our dental office. Get your teeth whitened, polished and brightened through our outstanding bleaching system. Whether you have slight surface staining or you are seeking a natural look and bright white smile in a cost-effective way, Violife would offer you the best possible options to brighten your smile.

We provide teeth whitening using a combination of methods for stain removal and surface polish starting with rubbing the teeth with a special compound to remove the stains from the outer layers of the teeth. Thereafter, we start applying acidic, oxidizing agents that modify teeth composition and remove the deep stains from the inner layers together with special bleaching light or laser. The used acids, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, are clinically evaluated and have been applied on thousands of patients to ensure safety levels. After your teeth whitening visit, you will be instructed to brush your teeth immediately after eating with special kinds of toothpaste that reduces possible sensitivity while maintaining the shine of your teeth. You will also be advised to refrain from smoking and to avoid fizzy, energy drinks and food that cause teeth staining for at least 1 week after your bleaching appointment, especially if your teeth tend to get rapidly discoloured. You may also be given special medicaments that you need to apply on your teeth before sleep for the first few days following your bleaching visit.